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To perform their best both on and off the field with access to leading experts and professional athlete mentors.

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Athlete Mentorship

Your team will have access to top Professional and Collegiate Athletes for both 1-1 and group team mentorship sessions.

Access to Experts

Your team will have access to top Sports Psychologists, Sports Nutritionists, Sports Dietiians and Sport Science Researchers on Women's health.

Custom Programs

Customize your program to cater to the specific needs of your team. Tailor the length, the type of experts as well as the type of sessions for your athletes.


Team Sessions with VIS League™

On the team plan you will have access to diverse role models from all levels and various sports.

Our Pro Athlete & College Athlete mentors complete the VIS League Training Program, a background check and are passionate about mentoring.

Customize group session Topics

Create a series of sessions

Purchase 1-1’s for individuals

  • Colleen Quigley
    Colleen Quigley
    USA Track and Field
    VIS League™
  • Colleen Quigley
    VIS amplifies my impact with young women in sport who I can connect with and mentor.
    Colleen Quigley
    USA Track and Field
    VIS League™
  • Kiah Stokes
    Knowing that my personal experiences can inspire the next generations is something incredible and heartwarming.
    Kiah Stokes
    VIS League™
  • Tziarra King
    Voice in Sport is a game changing platform. Providing resources to girls in sports is crucial in improving retention rates.
    Tziarra King
    VIS League™
  • Elizabeth Williams
    Being able to share my personal experiences with young women who are so eager to grow has been really impactful for me as a pro.
    Elizabeth Williams
    VIS League™
  • Alanna Smith
    Being able to share your experiences and help other girls and women in sports grow is incredibly fulfilling.
    Alanna Smith
    VIS League™
  • Michelle Tumolo
    VIS is an incredible platform which tells the stories of so many amazing women.
    Michelle Tumolo
    USA Lacrosse
    VIS League™
  • Emily Day
    Working as a mentor for VIS, I've been able to connect, share, and guide other female athletes on their journey.
    Emily Day
    USA Beach Volleyball
    VIS League™
  • Taylor Cummings
    VIS provides a safe space for the players of tomorrow to connect with the female athletes of today.
    Taylor Cummings
    USA Lacrosse
    VIS League™
  • Lia Neal
    I've really enjoyed being able to share the lessons I've learned over the course of my athletic career and my life with in hopes of giving the younger generation an abridged version of what to do and what not to do.
    Lia Neal
    USA Swimming
    VIS League™
  • Rosie Brennan
    Being a mentor gives me purpose and allows me to be more than just a role model.
    Rosie Brennan
    USA Skiing
    VIS League™
  • A.J. Andrews
    Being able to connect with such powerful and inspirational young women through VIS has been nothing short of inspirational.
    A.J. Andrews
    Professional Softball
    VIS League™
  • Mary Cain
    VIS does an incredible job teaching elite athletes how to be mentors for the next generation of women.
    Mary Cain
    Professional Runner
    VIS League™
  • Kelsey Robinson
    When I was growing up and playing, I looked up to male athletes because there wasn't a lot of visibility to women who were professional volleyball players.
    Kelsey Robinson
    USA Volleyball
    VIS League™
  • Darian Jenkins
    VIS is a platform I wish I could go back in time and give to my younger self.
    Darian Jenkins
    NWSL Soccer
    VIS League™
  • Elise Cranny
    VIS has been life changing. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with strong, determined, incredible girls from all over the world.
    Elise Cranny
    USA Track and Field
    VIS League™
  • Dani Weatherholt
    VIS reminds me that my voice matters and I will stop at nothing to remind young girls of the power of their own voice and the effect it can have on others.
    Dani Weatherholt
    NWSL Soccer
    VIS League™
  • Brianna Pinto
    Through VIS, I have gained a community of empowered women who are committed to the advancement of sport.
    Brianna Pinto
    NWSL Soccer
    VIS League™

Access to Experts

On the team plan you will have access to top professional Sport Psychologists, Sport Nutritionists, Sports Dietitians and Sport Science Researchers in the industry.

VIS Experts™ complete an extensive interview process, a background check and the VIS Expert Guide to working with athletes.

Clinical and non-clinical sessions

Customize your session Topic

Create a series of session

Purchase 1-1’s for individuals

  • Angie Asche
    Angie Asche
    RD, CSSD
    VIS Expert™
  • Angie Asche
    RED-S, eating disorder awareness, mental health, and so many other crucial topics are finally being discussed and brought to light.
    Angie Asche
    RD, CSSD
    VIS Expert™
  • Mastaneh Sharafi
    Voice in Sport trains girls and women in sports for strength, stability and control through social, educational, psychological and career empowerment.
    Mastaneh Sharafi
    PhD, RD
    VIS Expert™
  • Cynthia Clarke
    Voice in Sport exemplifies the athlete's merit and is a driving force of inspiration.
    Cynthia Clarke
    VIS Expert™
  • Leah Roberts
    "VIS provides a community for athletes to learn more about their bodies so they can perform and compete at their full potential.
    Leah Roberts
    VIS Expert™
  • Katie Spada
    Voice in Sport is changing the game for women's sports by providing opportunities and resources to elevate and support their dreams.
    Katie Spada
    VIS Expert™
  • Anabelle Broadbent
    Voice in Sport facilitates powerful connections between young female athletes and the women who have walked the path before them!
    Anabelle Broadbent
    VIS Expert™
  • Kimberly O'Brien
    Voice in Sport is empowering women by giving them important opportunities to be heard and make an impact.
    Kimberly O'Brien
    VIS Expert™

Custom Team Plans

Our teams plans are fully customizable to work with your team goals and can be tailored to your pre season, in season and post seasonal needs.

Customize your plan with a combination of team and individual sessions across the VIS League™ mentors and the extensive list of VIS Experts™.

Select your package timeline.

Customize your topics

Select your mix of VIS Experts™

Every athlete can be on their individual tier.

What Teams,
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Voice In Sport™

“I’m a former collegiate and professional softball player, and am thrilled about the impact that is going to make for girls and women in sports. ”

Parent and Former Athlete

“VIS has allowed me to be a part of a positive community where I can share my experiences and hear stories from so many inspirational athletes. ”


“I joined VIS because I believe that women need to have a voice. It is clear the differences in how we are treated as the NCAA highlighted.”


“VIS allowed me to create lasting relationships with passionate girls and women in sports, advocate for others, and work to create change.”


“My daughter has attended several VIS sessions and truly loves them. It's the first thing she's shown interest or excitement towards in a long time. ”


“Voice in Sport has allowed our daughter to work on herself and gain great opportunities. ”

-Keira's Mom and Dad

“Through VIS, I have found a community of girls and women in sports that inspire me every day to be a better athlete and person.”


“As a coach of girls at all age levels, I am interested in VIS as a way to further both education and awareness for my athletes. ”

Soccer Coach

“Excited about the VIS program and sharing it with the youth that I coach!”

Cross Country Coach

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