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When you join our community you gain access to content, mentorship and advocacy tools. Our community is here to support and inspire female athletes during their journey in sport and provide them a platform to use their voice to advocate for change.

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We create content specifically for female athletes on Sports Nutrition, Mental Health, Body, Training and Recovery. Check out a sneak peek of one of our articles on Nutrition for female athlete.

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We provide mentorship to female athletes at all levels through 1-on-1 and group mentorship sessions on our platform. Check out the incredible team of mentors which range from Olympians to Professional and Collegiate Athletes across multiple sports and levels.

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At VIS™ we create the tools for female athletes to advocate for change both on and off the field. We believe it is up to us to drive change and VIS is creating custom tools for us to take action.

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Our teams

The VIS Creators™

We are a group of college female athletes and Journalism/Media Majors creating content for female athletes and changing the narrative for women's sports.

The VIS League™

We are a group of college and professional female athletes dedicated to inspiring the next generation through mentorship.

The VIS Experts™

We are a community of professional experts across Sports Psychology, Sports Science & Research, Sports Media and Sports Nutrition with a passion for bringing more visibility, support and knowledge to female athletes.

We Advocate
for female athletes.

Sport x Advocacy

“Now more than ever we must listen and create space for more VOICES. At VIS we believe that sport can host a powerful conversation about Equality and Social Justice. We are providing female athletes a platform to drive the change they want to see for the future."
— Stef Strack

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