Topic: Culture - August 02 2021
Allyson Felix Leads in Saysh: Sneakers By & For Women

Allyson Felix has made quite the name for herself on the track. Now she’s taking on another venture; a women-founded and women-focused footwear brand. Let us at VIS™ introduce you to Saysh. The shoe that just might disrupt the sportswear industry.

By: Emily Thater

VIS Creator™

Topic: Culture

August 02 2021

How we dress and what we wear can say a lot about who we are. For some it may be professional, athletic, colorful, casual. Because our clothes reflect our moods, our personalities, our professions; most women take their style of clothing seriously. So what if I told you that there’s a shoe on the market that reflects global goals of gender equality, respect for all and the empowerment and protection of women in sport? Meet Saysh. A women-focused footwear brand that’s on a mission to meet a...

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